Help Us help shelter animals have some joy this christmas!
Since 2009, Santa Paws Drive is proud to have sent holiday cheer to the following shelters. Thank you for supporting us each year and helping make each of their holidays bright! 2013 Rikki's Refuge

FacebookRikki's Refuge

Rikki’s Refuge in Orange County, Virginia, is a 367 acre, no-kill, all species peaceful sanctuary supported solely by donations. The refuge is home to over 1,200 animals of over 20 different species, including but not limited to cats, dogs, sheep, goats and more. Rikki’s Refuge provides homeless, abandoned and abused animals with a safe and loving place to stay.
Good Mews

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Good Mews is a no-kill, cage-free haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats while they are waiting for permanent, loving forever homes. Located in Marietta, Georgia, Good Mews has helped find homes for more than 6,800 cats since 1988. Many of their cats arrive abused, neglected, and terribly afraid. They get the care and love they need, and have a home for life.


Nowzad Dogs operates the only official animal shelter in Afghanistan. The aim of the charity is to improve the welfare of the animals of Afghanistan, and help reunite soldiers with the pets they came to love while they were there. They also assist the local people by providing vaccinations for their cats and dogs and educating on how to care for their pets.
Contra Costa Humane Society

FacebookContra Costa Humane Society

Contra Costa Humane Society is located in Pleasant Hill, California and is the only no-kill shelter in the area. They never hesitate to pull special needs or less adoptable pets from other local shelters, including pit bulls, senior cats and more. They recently rescued a one-year-old pit bull who was severely beaten with many of the bones in his face broken. He is now healed and happy and loves to give kisses!
Ruff Start Rescue

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Ruff Start Rescue is dedicated to saving all animals whose lives are at risk. Located in Princeton, Minnesota, they rescue animals from high kill facilities, rehabilitate the sick, love the unsocialized pets and maintain a 100% spay/neuter program. They take in more than 600 animals a year, and work with a dedicated team of fosters to care for all of them.

2012 Bobbi and the Strays

FacebookBobbi and the Strays

Bobbi and the Strays had to completely evacuate ahead of Hurricane Sandy, and the animals are still spread out all over homes and fosters. They have an adoption center in Queens and a shelter in Long Island. The shelter suffered major damage, and all cat condos, food, furniture and much of their supplies were lost. Founded in 1995, they have about 300 cats and dogs in their care and are 100% non-profit, no-kill and rescue many of their animals from "death row" at kill shelters in New York.
Castaway Critters Pet Rescue, Inc

FacebookCastaway Critters Pet Rescue, Inc

Castaway Critters Pet Rescue believes that the same kindness, compassion, and generosity we extend to our two-legged neighbors should be given to our four-legged friends (who are not able to speak for themselves). Located in Blairsville, Georgia, this group's mission is to save and nurture homeless dogs and cats, find them loving forever homes, support spay/neuter programs and more. In a state with unfortunately high kill rates, this wonderful no-kill shelter is a tremendous blessing to animals.
Forever Home Feline Ranch

FacebookTwitterForever Home Feline Ranch

Based in Springfield, Illinois, Forever Home Feline Ranch is an all-volunteer organization who offer cats a second chance to live a full life in a no-cage, no-kill environment. They work hard to find forever homes for their wonderful felines and they lead the effort to make Central Illinois a no-kill community. They are currently building another building, which will allow them to care for and save even more cats.
KAR - Kyrenia Animal Rescue

FacebookTwitterKAR - Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Kyrenia Animal Rescue is located high in the mountains of the Turkish Province of Northern Cyprus. Founded in 1997, they currently provide refuge for neglected, injured and homeless animals. They currently care for about 300 animals and also advocate for spay/neuter, strive to education the public, find homes for as many pets as possible, and engage with the government departments to help change attitudes toward the care and animal welfare in their area.
H.A.R.T. Cat Shelter

FacebookTwitterH.A.R.T. Cat Shelter

The Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) of Maine's mission is to provide refuge, comfort and medical attention to cats and kittens that have been surrendered, abandoned, injured or abused, and to place them in loving, carefully-chosen homes. Based in Cumberland, Maine, they are staffed entirely by volunteers and care for cats who would otherwise be on the street. Their shelter is an open environment full of places to play, rest, hide and make friends with other cats.
FAPF (Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony) Hungary

FacebookFAPF - Hungary

The Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping unwanted stray dogs and cats in Hungary. The organization was started by two sisters who could not see the suffering of dogs and cats without doing something to make a difference for them. In a country where there is very little interest in adoptions, FAPF is an amazing rescue and a blessing to animals that would otherwise have almost no hope. They are angels for their animals!

2011 Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

FacebookTwitterBlind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary was started in 2005 in St. Pauls, NC, as a safe, loving place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters simply because they couldn't see. They knew these cats were adorable, playful and perfect, and wanted them to have the chance to live happy lives. In 2011, they built a second shelter to save FeLV+ and FIV+ cats that would typically be killed simply because they tested positive for these viruses. These cats live many happy years because of them!
Greenfields Greyhound Rescue

FacebookGreenfields Greyhound Rescue

Greenfields Greyhound Rescue is a small rescue and sanctuary in Staffordshire Moorlands, UK, for retired racing greyhounds. We hope to make a small difference to the thousands of racing greyhounds whose racing careers end each year. They have many happy years ahead of them still! The main sanctuary is where the very old greyhounds live out their days in the comfort of a home. In the kennel section, they have all the dogs up for adoption. They also have dogs living in a network of foster homes.
K9 Castle

FacebookK9 Kastle

K9Kastle Corp. is a small rescue group in New York that specializes in helping animals from bad situations and rehabilitating and rehoming them. Many of their cats and dogs are rescued with debilitating illnesses, fractures, congenital conditions, and they rarely say "no." Their vets take care of these special animals, do surgeries, chiropractic, acupuncture and more. Some are hospitalized for weeks, but in the end, they are remarkable pets who are grateful for the love they find in their adoptive homes.
Sheba's Haven Rescue

FacebookSheba's Haven Rescue

Sheba's Haven Rescue in Inverary, Ontario, puts their love and effort behind rescuing palliative and special needs dogs. Palliative care means these special dogs have a caring, comforting and compassionate home during what is often the last part of their lives. Many are sick or elderly. Sheba's Haven dogs know love when they need it most. All their rescued dogs enjoy life and are free to roam indoors or outside in the fenced 3-acre property.
Black Dog Rescue

FacebookBlack Dog Animal Rescue

Black Dog Animal Rescue is the only no-kill organization in Cheyenne, WY. They believe no healthy, treatable or rehabilitatable animal should be euthanized because of population restrictions or the length of time it may take to find a forever home. Black dogs (and other black animals) are considered less-adoptable because of their "unoriginal" markings, but BDAR knows better! Dogs don't need to be black to be rescued here, but they do have a special place in their hearts.
2010 Animal Rescue League

FacebookAnimal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League of Laurel, MS is one of the very few no-kill shelters in Mississippi. They are committed to caring and providing for the many unwanted and abandoned animals in their community. No animal is ever euthanized simply because it is unwanted. Their dream is to eliminate the huge numbers of homeless animals by educating the public about responsible pet care. ARL is proud to have rehabilitated and found homes for thousands of beautiful animals since 1981.
Big Dog Ranch Rescue

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Big Dog Ranch Rescue is dedicated to saving large breed dogs in desperate need of help. Located in West Palm Beach, FL, the dogs they rescue are either out of time at kill shelters or have been surrendered or abandoned by previous owners through no fault of their own. They care for them by having them fully vetted, rehabilitated and trained in a loving way so they have the best chance for finding a loving forever home. "No matter how small, every dog is a 'big dog!'"
Chicago's Harmony House for Cats

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Chicago's Harmony House for Cats was started in 1970 with the motto of "Caring, Not Killing." What started as a mom-and-pop foster group grew over time to a permanent unique haven for cats with three full floors for their cats and kittens to romp around. Multi-tiered cat trees sprawl across every floor and, at any given time, one can find a pile of cats snoozing in a heap of furry bodies with paws sticking out from every direction.
K9 Tenerife

FacebookK9 Tenerife

K9 Tenerife is a completely volunteer-run organization formed in 1993 by three caring women who were moved by the plight of the poor and neglected abandoned animals on the island, located off the coast of Africa. Their main goal is to protect animals from cruelty, starvation and neglect, and neuter and spay to prevent overpopulation. They house an average of 55-60 dogs at a time and have recently constructed a beautiful Cattery to help cats.
Southern Ontario Animal Rescue

FacebookSouthern Ontario Animal Rescue

Southern Ontario Animal Rescue is a non-profit incorporated and registered charity organization with extremely limited resources. SOAR rescues every single dog that it is able to, including dogs that have been abandoned or rejected due to ill health, abnormalities or old age. SOAR was founded in 2005 by their current president, Jan, who was inspired by her rescue dog, Daytona, who never left her side during her treatments for cancer.
Chestnut Cat Sanctuary

FacebookChestnut Cat Sanctuary

Chestnut Cat Sanctuary and Rescue Centre is located away from busy streets in quiet, shady, peaceful spot in the South of England. Their small group of permanent staff members and volunteers is dedicated to providing needy cats and kittens with cozy living areas, toys, two square meals a day, a fun play area and the promise of a better life. Since first opening their doors in 2000, they have helped find homes for hundreds of cats.
2009 Cats Exclusive, Inc.

FacebookCats Exclusive, Inc.

Eleven Eleven Rescue

FacebookEleven Eleven Rescue

Animal Welfare League of Qld

FacebookAnimal Welfare League of Qld

Centex Humane Society

FacebookCentex Humane Society